Applications for the LMH Foundation Year are currently closed, and will reopen in autumn 2017 for the 2017/18.

When applications do open, applicants will be required to complete the following:

An application form – this should be completed and returned to Esther Fisher, Foundation Year Administrative Assistant, at:

Two references – these should be from people who can comment on your academic ability, for example: Head Teacher, Year Head or Form Teacher.  Referees must not be a family member or personal friend.

The application form can be downloaded here: Foundation Year Application Form

The referee forms can be downloaded here: Reference Form

Use the step-by step instructions in the application guidebook to help you complete the application form

Should you have any queries on the application process please call: 01865 274593

If you could like to join the mailing list and be alerted when the applications open for the 2018/19 cohort please email